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Characteristics of papermaking glue

What are the characteristics of papermaking glue?

Papermaking glue is a specific acetovinyl glue, with high viscosity, making it usable by roller or disc.

This characteristic makes it suitable not only for bonding porous paper and cardboard (one of the characteristics of all vinyl glues), but also allows the bonding of paper and cardboard that are less so, such as plasticized and painted paper and cardboard.

Because of its properties, it is suitable for the creation of all major paper products such as:

  • Production and lamination of paper and cardboard and microwave, forming of cardboard tubes and cores, binders and folders, box forming, plateau and tray forming.
  • Production of bags, cases, shoppers, shopping bags and envelopes in different types of paper, both plain and coated and laminated. In these cases, glue is used for bonding different layers together, for gluing the bottom, for closing the sides, and for attaching the handles, which may be made of paper or fabric or other material.
  • Production of letter envelopes, in closing the flaps that make up the envelope.
  • Forming paper and cardboard boxes of different thickness and stiffness.

Pec Group among its products has as many as 2 glues specifically for the papermaking industry, available as always in different formats.

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