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Characteristics of urea glue

Let’s find out the characteristics of urea glue

Urea glue is one of the most widely used adhesives in the wood industry especially for the production of MDF and chipboard, and for veneer.

It acts through the reaction between urea and formaldehyde.

It is found in liquid or powder form to dissolve in water. It emits a characteristic, pungent odor when drying.

The bonding phase is activated by moisture and heat generated by presses or chemically, the cross-linking of urea is an irreversible process, it is therefore necessary that the product once mixed must be used immediately. The powdered product should be stored in dry rooms.

Once the glue has cured, it is rigid, tough, and has good water resistance. Urea glue being thermosetting makes it ideal for veneering because the panel can be sanded or painted in ovens without the risk of the glue softening.

Formaldehyde is an irritant, corrosive and carcinogenic substance, and for this reason Pec Group has also managed to limit the presence of the component considerably, so much so that it has produced a product with low emissions that become almost zero on the finished panel after the reaction has taken place.

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