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Classification of wood glues

How are wood glues classified and according to what parameters is it done? The classification system DIN-EN 204 takes hydroresistance characteristics into account. The tests are tested for tensile strength after conditioning cycles prescribed by the standard; a description of the different classification levels follows.

Classification of wood glues:

D1 Adhesives in this class are used inbonding in low humidity environments and without significant Climatic variations in humidity and temperature. They are suitable for use in making mobable furniture and upholstery artifacts.

[D2 Adhesives in this class provide stable bonding in indoor environments with high humidity, with variable and occasional water action. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. D3 Adhesives in this class are suitable for bonding under varying climatic conditions. They are suitable for bonding artifacts subjected to moisture and water for short periods of time, such as window frames and doors.

D4 Adhesives of this class are suitable for objects subjected to variable climatic conditions related to water and humidity in a high way. They are suitable in the marine industry, fixtures and interiors subjected to high humidity such as swimming pools and saunas.

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