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Differences between washable and semi-washable water paint

Washable and semi-washable water paint: which one to choose?

Choosing the right water paint is crucial to achieving a great end result; therefore, understanding which type of paint meets our needs is the first step if we want to undertake the repainting of a room.

There is a great multitude of water paints on the market: anti-mold, breathable, washable, semi-washable, etc., as well as other more technical types formulated for specific uses.

In the home, washable paint is one of the most popular choices, especially for highly lived-in rooms such as living areas. For kitchen and bathroom, breathable paint is preferred because of the higher humidity in these rooms.

The main quality of washable paint is durability: given its formulation, it provides longer durability than other products, it is smoother to the touch, and in the case of adding coloring additives, the hues that will come out will be much more vivid.

In addition to that, as the name implies, walls treated with this product can be wiped with a dampened cloth in case of small stains or yellowing. Obviously, in case of persistent dirt, it will not be possible to proceed with a simple dabbing, but the part will necessarily have to be repainted.

When to use a semi-washable instead?

Semi-washable paint has less waterproofing: this allows it to be used even in kitchens where, however, there is no particular excess moisture or with pre-existing mold problems.

The covering effect looks good; however, it requires several coats.

Semi-washable paint is recommended in case you want to freshen up walls that are not too dirty, to quickly give them a makeover.

Another advantage of semi-washable is undoubtedly the price, which is much cheaper than that of other paints.

Pec Group, thanks to its experience as a manufacturer of chemical compounds, has formulated its range of professional water-based paints, ideal for craftsmen in the industry but also for the private individual who wants to achieve excellent results in his or her own home.

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