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How to choose the right vinyl glue?

How to choose the right vinyl glue

October 28, 2022

Vinyl glue is one of the best-known and most widely used adhesives, both in the hobby and professional fields because of its great versatility.
There are vinyl glues on the market with different formulations, each specific for a different use.

But how to choose the right vinyl glue for one’s needs? Below we go to find out how.

How many vinyl glues are there?

The most important subdivision that can be made regarding vinyl glues is based on the classes of the DIN EN 204 standard: D1 to D4. This classification method refers to the resistance of the adhesive to moisture and water.

To choose the right vinyl glue, it is first necessary to ask ourselves whether the artifact we are going to make will be used in moisture-free interiors, interiors exposed to water vapor, or outdoors.

If the object to be glued will be kept indoors and not in contact with water, one can safely choose class D1 or D2 vinyl glues.

Class D1 vinyls are perfect for hobby work and children’s school creations; it is not suitable for gluing seasoned wood.

Class D2 vinyl glues, on the other hand, are the most popular with woodworkers, and are more tenacious than class D1 glues. They possess minimal resistance to moisture; however, they are suitable for artifacts that do not require constant exposure. They are suitable for this purpose for the production of furniture and other items intended for dry environments.

Is the object going to be placed under a canopy? Then the right vinyl glue should be class D3, which allows good moisture resistance but not prolonged and constant exposure.

Will the object be completely exposed to the weather? Class D4 vinyl glues are the best choice: the bonding will hold tenaciously even after years of exposure to water. Therefore, it is ideal in the marine industry and for the manufacture of fixtures.

Pec Group has always been known for the quality of its vinyl glues, which cover all kinds of uses. We also remind you that we offer counseling to help you choose the most suitable product!

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