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Neoprene glue in upholstery

Neoprene glue, also called contact glue, is an adhesive with countless properties and is very versatile.

In addition to being suitable for materials such as wood, plastic laminates, sheet metal, polyurethane, leather, and leather, it is especially popular with upholsterers.

It is capable of effectively gluing different types of fabrics, both natural and synthetic or for gluing trimmings.

In upholstery it is mainly used for cushioning sofas and armchairs, for adhering foam to frames but also for covering seats and panels with fabric. In these cases, it is preferred to use it in a spray version to allow the product to distribute more evenly, creating a thin layer.

In addition to the furniture industry, it is also used in the upholstery of car interiors, such as doors and roofs but also for seats.

Pec Group’s neoprene glue is available in several sizes and also in a spray version.

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