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The countless advantages of hot melt glue

The advantages of hot melt glue:

Hot-melt glue also called hot-melt gl ue comes in solid sticks ready to be used with the glue gun.

The stick, once inserted into the gun, melts at 180/200 degrees, and thanks to the nozzle of the gun, it can be applied precisely and without excess.

Available in different diameters, it is therefore suitable for precision work and is ideal for use on all kinds of materials: ceramics, upholstery, glass, wood, plastic and even electronic components. It is also used in the automotive and construction industries.

Thus, the strengths are: quick setting, strength, flexibility, speed of application and great versatility in use.

Once the parts are arranged, simply apply firm pressure with your fingers for them to stick together. The open time is about 20/25 seconds.

It is also possible to glue different materials together and can be used as electrical insulation and is waterproof.

Because of its great versatility and ease of use, it is one of the most beloved adhesives in the creative and hobby sector.

Pec Group produces its hot melt adhesive in transparent and honey-colored versions.

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