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What adhesives to use for gluing parquet flooring?

The best adhesive for gluing parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is a type of flooring consisting of wooden strips, which has a great aesthetic impact and gives warmth to the room.

There are mainly two methods for laying parquet flooring: one is the floating laying, which consists of interlocking the laths together without gluing (a technique mainly used when you want to preserve the underlying flooring without ruining it), and the other is the glued laying, used more for laying down solid wood lath.

We address in this article which adhesives are most suitable in the glued installation of parquet flooring.

First and foremost, it is necessary to clarify which cases when glued installation is preferable to floating installation.

Glued installation is preferred:

  • When increased protection of the floor against moisture is desired or needed (such as in bathrooms)
  • When you want to reduce footfall noise as much as possible.

The purpose of the adhesive, in addition to fixing the laths to the bottom, is also to give the floor more firmness and to seal any cracks from which moisture could seep in, compromising the entire job.

Therefore, choosing the right adhesive proves to be very important.

The best glues for hardwood floors are polyurethane-based. Pec Group has developed the innovative PAO160ECO polyurethane-based two-component adhesive that can solve several of the most common problems associated with bonded installation:

  • allows bonding even on nonabsorbent substrates, while still ensuring maximum adhesion;
  • allows parquet to be glued even on heated subfloors, on which the floating technique is usually preferred, which is possible on a variety of materials: marble, tile, palladium, wood substrates.
  • also suitable on difficult edges and ABS
  • Reduces crash problems in the cold season.

For any other information please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to best advise you in choosing the right product for you!

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