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What is two-component wood putty and what it is used for

What is wood putty?

Wood putty is a useful compound for repairing and restoring artifacts. It is presented as a creamy paste so as to facilitate penetration into the holes, and once it dries it hardens, becoming sandable and paintable, completely restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the object.

It is applied to surfaces that have been previously well cleared of dust, dry and free of old layers of paint and well degreased, using a trowel to avoid excess product and allow holes to be filled. On average, the curing time is about 3 hours.

In the case of deep holes, it will be necessary to apply several coats of product, to allow the innermost layers to dry perfectly and allow subsequent layers to adhere better. Therefore, the next coat can be applied only after the previous one is perfectly dry.

Wood fillers are available in different shades that can be mixed together to achieve a color as close as possible to the part in need of repair or restoration.

There are different types of putty on the market, depending on the use to be made of it.

For sale on our site, there is putty with catalyst, also called two-component. As can be understood from the name, it consists of two compounds, a base and a hardening element.

What is the difference between two-component putty and traditional putty?

Compared with traditional stucco, it consists of a certain amount of wood fibers, which together with the hardening properties of the hardener, ensures high hardness and extreme longevity, guaranteeing perfect performance even years later, avoiding any risk of hearing cracks. The catalyst also greatly accelerates the drying process.

That is why it is used in the professional field not only for repair, but also for reinforcing weaker parts that are easily subject to breakage.

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