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Papermaking glue

PEC Group is an all-Italian company that has focused on the production of adhesives and chemicals for professional use for well over 50 years. In particular, one of the most popular products is our papermaking glue, designed specifically for papermaking industries.

Our papermaking-specificvinyl glue is suitable for bookbinders and printers and is used in labeling and laminating paper, envelopes, binders, folders, boxes, and bags. We also produce many other types of vinyl gl ues and hot melt glues in sticks, which are also frequently used in the papermaking industry.

We formulate our adhesives with the aim of providing maximum effectiveness and quality to meet the daily needs of professionals working in this field.

Below you can view some of our glues suitable for papermaking. Visit the shop section of our website to discover all the other items! If you need more information about our products or to get advice on choosing the right one, please contact us.

Vinyl glues for papermaking

Hot melt glues in sticks for papermaking.