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Ethylcyanoacrylate adhesive Instant Top 20 gr – 10 pieces

Code ISTT0020GFX10
Perfect product for Fabric – Upholstery, Leather – Footwear, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Wood
ISTANT TOP is an ethylcyanoacrylate-based contact adhesive. Of medium to high viscosity, it enables the adhesion of a wide range of materials: metal, plastics, leather, wood and a variety of other substrates. Average gripping speed. High mechanical strength. Specific for use in the footwear and tanning industry. Good flexibility Pack pcs. 10 bottle 20 gr.


Product details, method of use and usage advice

Ethylcyanoacrylate adhesive ISTANT TOP 20 gr
It does not require the use of a catalyst, heat or vises: when a thin layer of Instant is applied between two surfaces and comes in contact with moisture in the air, rapid curing occurs, producing the final bond. Surfaces to be bonded must be clean and degreased. Apply the amount of product needed for application.
The rate of polymerization is influenced by three main factors: nature of the materials, temperature at which the reaction takes place, and ambient humidity.

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