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Hot melt adhesive stick MIELE 12X300 KG. 1

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Perfect product for Fabric – Upholstery, Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Wood
PSK14MI MIELE hot melt adhesive stick PSK14MI is a product used for bonding a variety of materials, including very demanding levels. Cold flexible appearance, open time 20/25 seconds. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: at +180/200 degrees guns, melters, spreaders, etc.

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Product details, method of use and usage advice

Hot melt adhesive stick PSK14MI MIELE 1 kg With this adhesive, bonding of plastics, wood, fabrics, ceramics, glass, treated papers, metal, etc. is possible.

This product due to its medium to high viscosity characteristics should NOT be mixed with other adhesives, so maximum cleanliness of the systems from other products is recommended.

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