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Hot melt adhesive PTF15 WHITE 12.5 kg

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Perfect product for Wood
It is a solid hot-melt adhesive specifically for bonding ABS-PVC edges, polystyrene, melamine papers, etc. to composite panels such as chipboard, MDF and HDF. The product is also successfully used for solid wood edge gluing. Because it is a product composed of high-melting resins, it is characterized by excellent heat resistance and has high specific cohesion.


Product details, method of use and usage advice

PTF15 white 12.5kg hot melt adhesive It is used in gluing a variety of types of edges in in-line edgebanding, soft-forming and machining centers (BAZ) with feed speeds from 7 to 50 mt/min.

Especially suitable on hard edges and ABS reduces crash problems in cold weather.

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