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Polyurethane adhesive 500gr – 15 pieces

Code PPOL15GR500X15
Perfect product for Building construction, Fabric – Upholstery, Leather – Footwear, Wood
Synthetic adhesive with 100 percent dry residue capable of rapidly bonding a variety of materials, especially rigid PVC, metals to concrete and non-dusty substrates. Package 15 pieces


Product details, method of use and usage advice

It finds very wide use in the raised floor industry for anchoring the structure to the subfloor.

It is used in the bonding of ornamental parts and cornices on glossy painted, leather objects, glass, wood, fabric on fabric, fabric on wood and paper, PVC on raw or painted metals, cellular PVC, plumbing fixtures, rain drains, expanded polystyrene, polystyrene, etc.

The product is suitable for performing structural bonding and complies with the requirements of EN 204-205 Class D4.

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