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Multipurpose vinyl glue PCV D2 1 kg – 20 pieces

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Perfect product for Wood
PVA acetovinyl polymer-based adhesive, class D2, in aqueous dispersion with transparent adhesive line, excellent toughness, good open time and good setting speed for general uses. Package 20 pieces


Product details, method of use and usage advice

Pack 20 pieces multipurpose vinyl glue 1 kg. It is used in cold and hot gluing (not exceeding 60°), ultra-rapid gluing (3-5 minutes) of any type of wood fiberboard, plywood, honeycomb, blockboard, chipboard and wood derivatives, plastic laminates, and assembly in furniture assembly.
For best results, the room temperature should be no lower than 16 degrees.
STORAGE TIME: In tightly closed package, protected from frost for about 12 months.

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