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Superior vinyl glue PCVS D2 250 gr

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Perfect product for Wood
It is a PVA acetovinyl-based, class D2, aqueous dispersion resin with transparent adhesive line, high toughness, long open time and excellent fast setting for bonding hard and resinous woods.


Product details, method of use and usage advice

Superior vinyl glue bottle 250 gr. It is used in cold gluing of plywood, honeycomb, blockboard, chipboard and wood derivatives, in furniture assembly where high strength is required.
The product exceeds the tightness and CREEP values required for the production of chairs and tables.Method of use: application by roller, trowel, brush, pressure applicators. The amount of adhesive to be applied depends on the type of substrate and application conditions. Indicatively, the standard values are 100-250 g/m2. Recommendations for use:Room and material temperature 18-22 degrees. Relative humidity of the environment 65-75% wood humidity 8-12%. Temperatures lower than those recommended severely increase setting times. Higher temperature and lower humidity severely reduce open time.

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