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Water-based clear varnish for parquet flooring

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Perfect product for Wood
Water-based clear varnish for hardwood floors with a gloss or satin finish, ideal for all hardwood or softwood floors, both exterior and interior. This varnish enhances the natural grain of the wood, filling in porosity and cracks. It presents medium coverage. Because of the layer that will be formed, the floor will be much easier to clean from dust and stains. The waxed effect gives a soft and smooth touch finish and enhanced water repellency. It can be applied to both new and old wood. Please note: price is calculated after size and color selection


Product details, method of use and usage advice

Water-based clear varnish for parquet flooring

  • Sanding is recommended if the wood is new before application.
  • If the wood is old, clean it thoroughly to remove wax residue and dirt, and sand it down.
  • Application of 1-3 coats is recommended, allowing at least 8 h to pass from one coat to the next.
  • Deep drying 24-48 h.
  • It can be applied by brush, roller or spray.
  • Yield 7/8 sq m/l.
  • Apply to dry woods.
  • Dilutable with water.

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