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Who we are

between innovation and tradition

Innovation and quality:
our promise
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Expansion and
ongoing commitment
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Confidence and results
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Innovation and quality: our promise

We are proud of our wide range of high-quality products, the result of our efficient industrial and commercial organization. Our strength lies in the accuracy of delivery and excellence of technical support.

Expansion and continued commitment

Beginning with the historical production of vinyl adhesives, our ongoing commitment to research and innovation has led us to expand our offerings to include solvent, neoprene, cyanoacrylate and thermofusible adhesives. Through this expansion, we aim to provide increasingly high-quality products for both professionals and DIYers.

Confidence and extraordinary results

The trust of our 400 clients is the result of our commitment, flexibility and passion. Our mission is to exceed customers' expectations by achieving extraordinary results through the constant pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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What we produce

PEC GROUP SRL absorbed from the old company only the production of vinyl glues, thanks to a good team it has expanded its product range by introducing the production of solvent adhesives, neoprene, cyanoacrylate, thermofusible.
We always invest in research and innovation aimed at improving product quality, speed of response to market demands, competitiveness and services.

What we offer

Over these years, the PEC group has received and repaid the expectations of about 400 customers who have put their full trust in our products. PEC GROUP from the very beginning realized that customer satisfaction and the achievement of the results obtained would only be possible through its own willingness, technical knowledge and flexibility along with, not least, the passion and dedication to research and experimentation by the PEC team, of new products.


To offer a wide range of products with high quality of raw materials by ensuring maximum technical advice on their use.

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One eye on the past and one on the future, convinced that success is based on the ability to reconcile tradition and innovation.




"Choose the job you love and you won't work a single day in your whole life."

We believe in passionate work every day and dedication to always doing better.


"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
(Phil Jackson)

We strongly believe in people and their ability to make a difference.


"Experience fails to teach where there is no desire to learn."
(George Bernard shaw)

Since 1959 adhesive manufacturers. Throughout the years, despite changes in ownership, we have continued to ensure a quality and increasingly innovative product.


"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."
(Robert Swan)

We care about the future of our planet, convinced that everyone must do his or her part.


"Professionalism constitutes, in this scenario of uncertainty, the only safe investment to bet on 'forever.'"
(Stephen Greek)

We believe that an organized and efficient structure is an added value for those who choose us.